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The hat has an ancient and interesting history. There are really an infinite number of shapes, colors, decorations as far as hats are concerned, but each one over time has defined its own characteristics and personality. Over the centuries, it has become increasingly important, both as a symbol of social status and as an expression of fashion and personal style. In the Middle Ages, for example, headdresses were very popular and could be found in a wide variety of shapes and materials. During the Renaissance, however, the hat became a symbol of sophistication and style, and was worn by men and women of all social classes.For each collection there are headwear that particularly express the essence of Alfonso d’Este: elegance and tradition. For the SS24 season, 3 distinctive models stand out.

For the SS24 season, 3 distinctive models stand out.The Pork pie made of 100% Linen in brighter colors follows the annual fashion trends; Kyoto produced in 100% leather is durable and resistant over time; it is represented also in a different distinctive print and fabric. Ionio in 100% linen is the model that represents the elegance, charm and tradition of the collection.


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