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Every culture, every community, every ethnicity, over the centuries, has developed its own way of describing colors and associating them with specific events, objects and aspects of everyday life.Originally, Japanese culture referred to only four colors, which represented a set of several colors, a color grouping. To this day, they are considered “authentic colors“: Aka, Ao, Kuro and Shiro which are respectively identified with the color red, blue, black and white.

Nowadays, there are a series of colors that are part of the soul of Japan and characterize its essence; just look at them in any context to connect them to some element of nature. Think of the vermilion red of the torii at the entrance to Shinto shrines, the pink of peach blossoms, the green of  pine bonsai needles, the orange of persimmons or even the light blue/purple hue of azalea flowers. These are the colors that inspired the ss24: green represents freshness, peace and rest; peach symbolizes rebirth; light blue represents youth and confidence; and finally orange to highlight the idea of wisdom and enlightenment.


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