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In the ss24 collection, different decorative techniques make our products unique: embroidered caps and hats, laser-printed on denim and patchwork.

First of all, innovative embroidery and printing techniques are widely used to decorate fabrics and headwear  allowing you to give uniqueness to products, stand out from the crowd and define your personal style, expressing your individuality. Embroidery consists of inserting-colored threads through the weave of the fabric, creating three-dimensional and detailed decorations. Prints, on the other hand, consist of applying a design to a fabric through the use of pigments or dyes.

In addition, a technique that arrived from America in the 90s, patchwork is an artifact that consists of the union, by stitching, of different parts of fabric with geometric or  non-geometric motifs, to depict the nuances of different motifs within the same weave.

Finally, we find representative prints of the season with peach blossoms or the motif of the inner lining, representative of the collection.


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